Thank you for looking at my work!!


My name is Errin. I love taking photographs. I have been professionally shooting for ten years. I have an awesome husband and two wonderful boys. Before I took photographs, I felt so different from everyone else. Now I feel pretty basic and I'm just fine with that!


Happiness is:





Making wood-fire pizza from scratch

Good people

Sweet wine and basil.

My peony garden.



In the next ten years:

I want to watch my kids play sports.

I want to spend a month in Italy and take another pizza-making class in Florence.

I want to go back to Burano and take a glass-blowing class.

I want to build a little house on the land we have on Green Bay.

I want to perfect my watercolor game.

I want to see where my niece lives in Cambridge (England) and learn more about her way of life there.

I want to take beautiful photographs that mean something to someone. A photograph that makes them feel a memory again.

I want to be happy.


I feel lucky to be alive and grateful to meet and work with so many wonderful people. Being a photographer has allowed me to follow my dreams and meet some truly amazing humans who have made my life so full. Life is good.

~find your happy~

Life has its ups and downs. With time, I have learned to seek the best in life. Find your happy.


I appreciate more.

I love more.

I see more.

I am more.


And I try to teach these two to do the same. There is something amazing about each one of us--we just have to find it!








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