Waukesha Wedding Photographer | Geoffrey & Cali {Married}

Stating the obvious–but what a good-looking couple. Met them last year for engagement pictures and as I got to know Cali, I grew more and more excited for their wedding. Cali has very similar taste in photography (important) as I and I knew we would mesh well. Lots of email, pinterest, and discussions about her wishes for the final product and I really hope we got everything on the list accomplished 🙂 Had Katie along for the entire 10 hour day and Alisa for 4. Both of them did wonderfully. Thought I would need a bit of a break with a 10-hour day, but ended up feeling like half the time, so that was great.

Beautiful wedding. Beautiful details. Beautiful weather… Beautiful day. Locations were tricky because it was the first time seeing them but I think Frame Park and the Farmer’s Market were nice choices. First look was actually set up by the videographers (they were there first), so that was interesting. I’m not fond of lots of shadows on faces, but it was a sunny day and I think they did a fine job finding a spot for it.

It’s funny—I have in my mind these huge “speeches” I want to say on my blog about each couple as i’m winding down from the day on my ride home, but when the time comes, I feel as if they all sound the same. I cannot find the words, it seems.

Cali and Geoffrey, thank you so much for having us. I found it a huge honor, especially given your love of photos, to be chosen to photograph your wedding. You did an amazing job with all of the details and everything was picture perfect. Loved the speeches, loved the fun on the dance floor (lots of air guitars), loved your dad’s speech (reminded me of one my dad would have made had I not eloped), loved your mom’s pride beaming through for her beautiful daughter on her wedding day, loved Geoffrey’s dad’s warm-up poses for me when testing the light in the church, loved everything. Wishing you many, many years of love an happiness together. Big hugs!!!


ps–I apologize for the order. Have been having issues with the blog lately and these are all backwards!!! 🙂


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