The good life.

I met Shanna in Chicago. Sounds fancy. I saw an request on a forum for a 2nd shooter at one of my favorite places in Chicago–Salvage One. I crossed my fingers, said some prayers, then crossed toes… and she picked me! I was elated. Met her when I arrived and was instantly impressed with her calm perspective. She takes it all in and lets things happen naturally and beautifully and captures them. I really love her work. She is the owner of S. Photography & Styling and I’m tickled if ever I get a request to 2nd shoot with her. When she asked if I would mind taking some photos of Chris, Elroy, and herself, I was ELATED among so many other emotions. I think the world of Shanna and spending time with them was dreamy. They have an adorable home, adorable pup, vintage bikes, a fantastic looking garden and live nearby their first kiss spot. How romantic. We spent some time at home and at the “spot” and the weather was perfect. I had THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME with them. I can’t wait to get together again. I hope you enjoy these, lady! There are sooo many more. May need a 3rd culling 🙂



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