The Century Barn | Mount Horeb Wedding Photographer | Patrick & Cassie {Married}

This is a big one. One of my favorite locations to shoot and 10 hours at that. Loved everything about Patrick and Cassie’s wedding. Though I have never met the lady behind A La Crate, I’m impressed. We have exchanged emails and I can just tell she is awesome…has such neat ideas! Regardless, a lot of detail and heart were put into this wedding. Patrick and Cassie started out their conversation with me from Georgia and when I finally met them on the big day, they were based in CA! But they started here in Wisco. At Epic, no less. I was given a heads up by Patrick that the reception would be fun and have lots of surprises, and it was. He showed off his pizza making dance skills which wooed Cassie from the start and the group of guys serenading her—so fun. Everyone had such smiles on their face despite the rain that closed the barn doors for a portion of the evening. Had so much fun with them and as I wrap up the editing from their wedding, I thought I should share them while they are still fresh in my mind.

Hope you are all well! I just got home from Florida. My sinuses LOVED it there. Got home to cold and developed a bit of a chill. So we are sipping on hot cider and watching it sprinkle/snow outside. Waiting for another lovely wedding this afternoon at Gates of Heaven and The Madison Club… Busy day tomorrow in Waukesha and Madison, so my next post might not be until Tuesday, so until then…

Happy weekend!









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