Tea for 2! Fun on Indian Lake | Wisconsin Photographer

Two generations of BFFs here 🙂 Their moms coordinated the cute outfits, the tea party, the location… and then it rained. So, this is a make-up session. And it was 90+ degrees (okay–not when we were shooting, but it DID start to get a bit sticky).

SO–I’m way behind on my blog posts and I appologize. I’ve had A LOT of sessions in the last 2 weeks and 4 of them are sessions I can’t share with you (yet) because they are gifts of one kind or another and I don’t want to spoil that. I WILL say, they’ve all been awesome.

Want to thank everyone who allows me to post pictures, too. On facebook, the “likes”  and comments mean so much to me and they are actually a driving force, especially when people tag themselves. Same with the blog—I LIVE for comments, so I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and then comment.

Want to wish you guys the best of luck. One set is moving away (probably soon, right???) and I hope you can visit once in a while. With Skype and all that great technology, it is a bit easier to keep in touch these days–so that is nice. I’m glad we fit this in before your departure. Safe travels and THANK YOU so much for hiring me. I thoroughly enjoyed all of this cuteness!

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