Sunshine and Lilacs | Arboretum | Madison Children Photographer

Happy Tuesday! It’s about to get a little chaotic here. This weekend starts the crazy schedule that is my summer… stacked. full. SO–I’m not sure when or how often posts will come to you. I really do not want to make it a habbit of waiting until winter/free time to post so I will try to keep up.

We had sunshine and it was a little bit cooler on Saturday afternoon. And the lilacs. Oh my goodness! One of my favorite flowers was in full bloom–it was like walking around in a perfume bottle at the Arboretum. Gorgeous. My approach has always been to just wait and watch behaviors and try and catch emotion, but while we were there, we spotted the cutest little girl underneath a tree with a tea set and her brother and stuffed animals and it was pretty cute. I’d like to give that a try sometime this year. I am not sure I want to pursue heavy props because my camera and lenses are a lot to tote around as it is… BUT it sure was cute!

Back to the session. Isn’t she a sweetheart? They drove all the way from Illinois and I always love seeing this family. They have been so good to me–I met Grace when she was 6 months (right, Mom???) and it has been so fun to watch her grown and change. It was not a flawless session–and I always feel so bad when kids are a bit shy infront of the camera, don’t like the camera (okay… me), or are just too excited with the new surroundings to sit for a few–but that is entirely normal. I think we got a few “keepers.”

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!






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