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Where to begin. Justin is my husband’s cousin. Hmmm. That seems simpler than I thought. So–these 2 are my family. I actually went to the same school way back when and I’m sure I knew them or of them before I had ever met my husband. So–if they were willing, I offered to shoot their engagement session. SOOO many different ideas rolling around. And when Amanda said… how about Sugarland? (where they’ll be married next June), I thought… awesome. I’d seen photos of it, knew it was gorgeous. At dusk, it surpassed gorgeous.

It’s one thing to meet a couple and see them at family birthday parties or camping trips and another to photograph them. I was nervous, I think they may have been nervous. Lots and lots of planning went into this session. I, myself, had a really rocky day and so it was just a whirlwind for me before we met. And when I saw them pull in… huge sigh of relief. I was actually excited to see them!

I was excited to get home last night and open up the files too. I really didn’t do a ton of posing–they are so naturally in love it came easy–and I love that. It was a comfortable, albeit sticky, quiet, calm, beautiful night. Thanks for letting me take these, you 2 🙂 I can honestly say I’m soooo incredibly sad I’ll miss the wedding. On top of being stunning, I have a closer connection and care for you both–such sweet people. Love that you’re finally tying the knot! It’s going to be fantastic!

Let me know what you think–hugs, guys!

ps–HUGE, ENORMOUS thanks to Daffodil*Parker for giving me this GORGEOUS bouquet… just stunning. Also thanks to A La Crate for the log slices! And my dad for the generator advice 🙂 When all said in done, he asked me if I ‘d gotten a gas or electric… 😉



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