Richfield Family Photographer | “I forgot that she will…”

I drive away from every session running through things in my mind. “Did I do SOMETHING different?” or things people may have said that didn’t get to me right away. Of course, when “mom” said “I forgot that she will sit if we ask her to” at the very last portion of our session… I laughed. I laughed even more about that on the way home. Kids are always entertaining and the sessions are always usually “up in the air.” Most of the time parents wonder whether I got anything or they ask “how do you think it went?” and I usually always say “it went well” because in all honesty, no matter the expression on your child’s face–you love him/her. Whether she is sitting or standing, running, even crying, throwing woodchips–they are still cute. And I generally find all those actions cute about other people’s children as well. There is always a momentum happening–always different in every session. The picture above, I’d say it was “iffy.” This little angel is very independent and somewhat dictated what we did. I noticed she likes to keep moving and has a lot of energy and is ohhh soooo cute. Looking through all of the pictures, the top shot I chose is not my favorite, but I laugh at it and remember what mom said “she will sit if we ask her to”… so cute. It was a long drive but I enjoyed seeing you again, “mom.” My oldest of friends went away to college and gained an awesome group of friends and “mom” is one of those. I had the opportunity to vacation with her … maybe 12 or so years ago and it was nice to see her again and see all the wonderful things she has going on in life. enjoy 🙂


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