Questionable Location | Verona Family Photographer

So many things I could say. So many things I can’t. Nelly (I should probably come up with a new nickname for her) has been my friend for YEARS. Lately I feel older, so I won’t say HOWWWW many years…but forever. I don’t see her often… ever… but when I do, it’s just like “old times.” We all have someone like that in our lives I think. Nelly is incredibly creative and she gave me a “location” for their shoot in Verona. I’m certain we will be recorded on video cameras for trespassing but it was still fun. We DID run to our vehicles at the site of a cop car at one point in the evening, but that just brings back all the more memories 🙂

So they brought along their “favorite things.” P is into garbage cans, trash, collecting it, etc. Nelly loves softball–always has, and Tony (a coach of a pretty awesome team, I hear) LOVES LOVES LOVES football… so she came up with this awesome idea for a shot. I can’t take any credit!

Always so good to see the 3 of them and Uncle J. Little P is so adorable and such a sweetheart—I’m so happy they asked me to do this. And now that you live closer–NO EXCUSES!





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