Porta Bella | Arboretum | Madison Wedding Photographer | Dan & Michelle {Engaged}

So. When I first got to know Michelle–it was all through email. I would read her emails and hear the voice of Aubrey Plaza the entire time. I thought it would fade but it has been ongoing. And then I discovered they have a thing for cuddling up and watching TV and I figured I should mention it, because chances are good they know the Parks and Recreation character she plays? IDK. So LAID BACK is the theme here. Just want some pictures of the 2 of us. We went to the spot Dan proposed and then found out quickly the union wasn’t going to happen and headed to the Arboretum. This was the quickest engagement session I’ve ever done!!!! It was warm and I hope we got some neat ones. I always try to do something new and different and I’m least impressed with my ring shot–to be honest–but there are some in here I know I will always remember. Enjoy. I’m really looking forward to your wedding, guys. Gonna be here before we know it!

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