Pheasant Branch Concervancy | Cinderella


What a day. You know, I’m always so nervous someone will cancel on me last minute. I had a heck of a time (I’m thinking it was my email acting up or going to junk mail) reaching these guys. And I was nervous the cooler weather may have changed their minds. But at 11 a.m. today, we finally reconnected and came up with an awesome location, the Pheasant Branch Concervancy, and the light was dreamy and everything went well. The boys were a breath of fresh air! I’m so used to young ones and anticipate working up a sweat chasing them around trying to get position for their next move… but 9 and 10 year old were pretty dreamy tonight 🙂 Everyone was laid back and happy. I asked them to look at one another, and they struck up conversation like I wasn’t even there–and it made for some really good shots. I’m so happy it all came together. I try to come up with these funny ways of remembering names in advance. And one of the boys has the name of my son’s favorite mouse on Cinderella… so I smiled a bit inside every time I said it. Love the names. Always chat with my husband when I get home about how the session went and he agreed–very awesome names you picked out 🙂

Hope you enjoy the preview and the rest of your week! This is the first post I’ve had on here in a while. I anticipate slowing down towards the end of December and will back post anything and everything and finally get that awesome Salvage One Chicago wedding up too. Until then, it is just so much easier to post to facebook and less time consuming, so check there if you can… or enjoy the winter with me 🙂

Can’t wait for tomorrow to be over. The commercials are killing me!




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