Nothing In Particular

Happy Friday evening.

I think it’s time for me to take a breather from my usual. I was shooting a family in this gorgeous spot above a few weekends ago and it made me a little homesick. The colors reminded me of my mom who has done SO much for me this past year–it is crazy. I wouldn’t be here without her and the support. She loves yellow. It was a sea of falling yellow and I thought instead of rushing to my car to rush home to upload the images I just shot–maybe I could sit a while and enjoy the quiet and still of life. Also reminded me of my dad. Someone I used to wait eagerly to hear from every Saturday morning but since starting this new nights and weekends gig, haven’t had that much time to see. And it bothers me. I had some time to sit this gorgeous fall morning in the woods and think. This next year I will slow down a bit. Put more heart into each session and spend Sunday with my family in church and set aside time to spend with my parents and siblings a bit more. A very dear friend of mine just had surgery and as I waited and waited and waited to hear the results of a biopsy, I realized life is short. Sure everyone says that. But it really passes in the blink of an eye and I want to enjoy every second of it that I can. Photography has done that for me. Allowed me to express myself like never before and I feel a bit like someone has opened me up to a new life. To sound completely cheesy–that someone is Canon 🙂 ha! I kid. As I go through images I’ve taken of my kids this year…moments that are frozen in time. Their smiles. Their laughs. Their grumpy faces. Their boo boos… I realize that, even if for only an hour, i’m freezing bits and pieces of others lives that we can hold on to and remember when (if that’s your thing) for a lifetime–and I think that is awesome. And now I am going to spend my winter doing that with my extended family too.

I am headed back to Lightroom for more editing. Just packaging up my 10/6 wedding, so if you are being so patient waiting for your images–know that I’m working very hard to get them out. Strep slowed me down a bit more than my normal 1-week turnaround and the craziness that is October and Family Christmas Card month has kept me very busy. But I’m going in order and sticking with it and working very hard to get things done. Minus this little break I took!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. And remember–if you are on Facebook–it likes me more than this blog–so I post there regularly. Plan to catch up on here this winter.




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