New Chapter.

I’ve been trying to observe myself and what brings me the most satisfaction, leaves me with the desire to shoot more, makes me thankful to not only be a photographer but a part of this beautiful world. And sometimes I get a little stuck in a rut and need a break. For me, it’s taking photos of my boys–our everyday lives. It’s refreshing. I feel as if these next few months are so crammed with wonderful things happening that January will be dreadful. Shorly I leave to photograph a wedding in Big Sur, CA, which is something out of dreams for me. And I’ll be headed back to San Fran for a workshop and get to travel with a fantastic person in November. And all the wonderful moments in between. Life is good. Have been thinking a lot of how fortunate I am. And what makes me smile at night when I’m editing photos. Here are 4 photographs that make me happy. I hope you enjoy them. 1. princess and the pee. 2. he jumps like his mom. 3. first sight of salmon. 4. a moment I will never forget. giving son away.

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