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This was a last-minute schedule… and I loved every second of it. It was looking like rain (which is something I’ve been dreaming of for a while for several reasons–if you’ve emailed me about rain shots–you’d know). Anyway, clouds are good in my book and clouds, we had. Obviously the clouds in this post are a bit of a stretch–but I like them. Would love to hear your thoughts!

So–2 little men, 1 getting ready to loose a tooth, and we went to their grandparents farm to take some shots. I was loving every second. Both had energy and there was never a dull moment–and that’s how I like it. Sometimes parents get flustered about kids not sitting perfectly and not behaving but those are the pictures I love, love, love. ANYWAY, we had some monkey faces, sad faces, giggles, and I left feeling like I’ve known them forever. To be the mom of 2 boys! I feel like I can instantly relate to each and every one I come across 🙂 As our session came to an end, it started to sprinkle… and it was perfect timing.

In 2 short days, my wedding season begins. And the schedule is jam packed! And that gets me excited! I have so many people with wild ideas on the books and I cannot wait to explore! Want to say a special thanks to this family and their sister for the referral. I had thought about advertising but referrals keep me very busy and I cannot thank you enough for those. Makes me smile to know that someone liked their session/images enough to pass along my name.

Happy Wednesday all.









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