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Their engagement shoot was the first time we met. I love, love, love hearing details about weddings. When I was planning our wedding, I was overwhelmed with details, but for some reason, when I’m just in charge of photographing details, it’s not so grasp-for-air-ish for me! C&G came with ideas. They introduced me to a new place and were up for shots I’d been wanting to try. I feel as if I may have already posted their pictures, but cannot remember. This year’s goal (starting with my first wedding in April) is to keep the facebook posts in line with these posts! At first I thought it might be so neat to post all throughout the snowy season when people are on their computers and bored, but it’s a lot more juggling to go back in time to repost images, so I made a new rule or 2 for myself! It’s a learning process!

We stopped 4 different places and got a lot of great shots. I am so looking forward to their wedding. Those “details” Cali explained to me sound VERY exciting. Now that I’m fresh from Genesis Worshop, I’m so excited for the wedding season to begin! I think you’ll see a lot of new changes is my work… improvements!

Thanks, C&G for booking me! It was a true pleasure to meet you, shoot these, and I look forward to the big day!!!




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