Madison Wedding Photographer | Brad & Jenna {Engaged}

I’m finally home from the outer banks. And happy to be home but miss my photographer friends like crazy already. I think when you live in a house for 7 days with people, you form some sort of unspoken connection. There I go getting sappy. Regardless… wonderful to see my boys and husband and I’m trying to get caught up. I’m not sure I will ever dig out of the giant hole of blogging I have to do, but here is a start. Brad and Jenna were dreamy to me. So very sweet, so very loving, so very kind—and A NEW LOCATION for me. Who knew Stoughton had so many cool spots? I went into it blind and loved that. Very exciting for me. I’m so looking forward to their wedding. I’m so lucky to get to hang out with couples in love–its …. lovely 🙂 Stay safe on the roads, Wisco peeps. I’ll post a few from my OBX trip when I get around to it. I had 2 sessions while there and those are my priority right now. Happy Monday!

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