Madison Wedding Photograher | Tenney Park | Madison Masonic Center | Anne & Arturo {Married}

Laid back. That is how I would describe this couple. Anne contacted me a few months before the wedding and sent a signed contract and deposit. I didn’t hear from her again until the Thursday of her wedding. And finally met her about 20 minutes before the ceremony! And everything went well, I think 🙂 I’m usually an over planner and like no surprises but I can honestly say much of this wedding was new to me as it happened. And it went fine.

Anne’s family was so inviting. Welcomed Katie and I into their home while they got ready and guests waited in their backyard for the ceremony to begin. Anne’s dad sat patiently waiting for his daughters and wife in the living room. He said he was used to it and it didn’t bother him one bit and I found that very adorable. Katie grabbed one of my favorite images of the day of Anne and her father just as they were getting ready to walk down the isle.

They had a lovely day. We stopped at Tenney Park and the Union for pictures afterwards and headed to the Madison Masonic Center for a beautiful reception. Great food, great people, great decor… it was a very nice way to end the evening. I hope you enjoy the images we captured.

Want to thank my sister, Katie, for 2nd shooting. So nice to have her along … there is just something about being sisters that make things go smoothly. She seems to have a lot of natural talent capturing great candid moments and I’m always excited to get home and see what was on her memory card!

I’m all caught up with editing but not blogging. I’m hoping to do that a bit more this next week. June and July have been crazy and I am so thankful for the business. I hope you all enjoyed a nice week and have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. I’m excited to meet a family of 4 tonight in a sunflower field and have a big beautiful wedding happening tomorrow. It’s going to be fantastic.


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