Madison Family Photographer | UW Arboretum | Cold start to an October morning

Well. This is some sort of record. 2 posts in 2 day! Someone pinch me. Truth is–these folks are not big on facebook, so I am attempting to do another post. Last night’s took me 5 tries!!! I was ready to shoot my computer. I’m at home today with my sweet, sick little man and attempting to keep up with editing. October is going to be swamped this year for me and I am learning lessons on taking on too much. Next year will be different–so book ahead 🙂

I’m so thrilled to have met the rest of Sara’s family!!! Dad is a photographer too… so I was a pinch nervous. Hopefully there are some here that he will enjoy as well. Always tricky to take photos of your family and include yourself! They drove in from a different side and I had forgotten about this spot in the woods that turns so beautiful this time of year, so when they suggested it I was thrilled at what you see above! Hope you enjoy the little preview, B fam! So lovely to see you again, Sara and fam! I’m currently running 2 weeks on editing–which is about a week more than I like… but just letting you all know!


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