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I have been out of state this past week and things went from the busiest I’ve ever been to almost a complete stop thanks to this early winter weather. But that couldn’t stop these 4. I am always so appreciate of families who fine great spaces for their photos that keep little ones warm and happy. There aren’t too many spots that I’ve been able to find that don’t also come with a  high price rent. So when they told me about their location–I was thrilled. And it proved a success. Lots of light and awesome lines and, most importantly, happy, beautiful kids. If I were to have an interview and someone asked me what’s the worst thing about me… I would say my forgetfulness. I forget the photos I got 20 minutes ago. It’s a pleasant surprise opening files when I get home and think “ooohhhh we DID get one of the two of them” when I probably didn’t sell my confidence at the time of the session. I hate that about myself.

I need to prep for my weekend full of indoor sessions (weather can’t hold us down) and hit the hay. A lot of editing awaits and I expect to be mailing a LOT of files Monday morning! Thank you all for being so patient, and thank you 4 for a fun game of hide and go seek this morning and 2 beautiful-eyed babes to photograph! What an awesome family!


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