Madison Club | Kristie & Kyle get married!

It was such a beautiful wedding. I am so thrilled they chose me to photograph their engagement session (which I loved) AND their wedding. Two very sweet people who are in love got married on a Friday afternoon in September. The weather was perfect, the family and friends were plenty, and the locations (yes, I guess sometimes they do matter to me) were fantastic. My favorite of which was Madison Club. And something else i’ve learned…music is important. I’ve seen my fair share of musicians and DJs. And while I love live music, the best DJs i’ve heard consistently do a wonderful job is Juke Box Bandstand. Nice to have music played while you’re eating–right volume, soft, easy going music. And DJs who know how to get people moving and having a good time. Also important. The doozies I’ve seen talk and talk and talk and honestly no one cares to listen. And the music is the same songs you’ve heard over and over at weddings. I am always impressed by Juke Box Bandstand. If you’re looking for someone–I recommend them. Back to Kyle and Kristie. While I don’t think too many people read my blog (facebook seems to be a hopping place though 😉 )… I will say that it was a true honor and pleasure to spend the day with them Friday. I like a group of people who don’t treat you like hired help but will make conversation and treat you like family. And that’s just what their guests did. It wasn’t weird sitting down at a table full of family to have dinner. The waitstaff at Madison Club were amazing. Very friendly and happy to help. I’m just very impressed with the wedding Kyle and Kristie put on–it was thought out well and very organized. Nothing was rushed and everything was easy going. Love that. Enough of my babbling…




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