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This is my little guy. He’s flying Lady and Tramp around the world. I liked it and while I’m forced to come into my blog and update/change things, I figured I’d post a recent picture as well. I responded to a question in hopes to help a fellow photographer on a forum recently and it turned to be a full-on attack regarding my process. I know many local photographers would prefer I sell prints to be competitive with their market, but I will continue to use the practice of mailing my clients a disk(s) of their photos for a long while, I assume. What I did that was wrong, was recommend Miller’s Lab to you all and I should not have. I was unaware it is an exclusive company for professionals to use as I know many of you had obtained access and have made prints there. Knowing now that it is termed on their site for “professionals” only, I cannot recommend you use them as a printing source. Never fear, is still run by Millers and, in all honesty, I think the same quality. Other professionals may tell you different, but I’m guessing that is because they sell prints. If any of you are affected by this change in recommendations, I’m happy to make prints for you from my account.

I’ve been surprised by this argument. People I thought were respectable business professionals right here in Madison and whose work I love, I no longer. Yes, my prices are competitive, but I am and never was trying to “cut throats” with that. I’m not going to raise prices to make others in the photography community respect me–as I feel they are asking, but I will continue to look at my pricing as it pertains to me and my family and those wonderful taxes (that are changing rapidly). I’m merely saying this for the 12 photographers who attacked me yesterday online and I’m sure will be checking continually over the next few days to see if I’ve made the promised Miller’s change. I guess that helps my searchability, though, with all of your visits.

Want to thank all of you for being my readers, some of you are clients, fans, etc. It got me through the last 48 hours when I witnessed what online bullying must feel like–it was not good. Thankful for you, my little guys, and my very supportive husband. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day.

This weekend starts 2013 wedding season for me! Cannot wait! Could be a little chilly but I’m ready to roll and look forward to being surrounded by the happiness and love that clearly these 2 share!

Peace to you all!


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