Ideal Body Shop | Park Street | Madison Childrens Photographer

Lots of build up for this session. Mom had a lot of really cool ideas and did all the homework too (loved that, if you’re reading this)! We started out at the skate park in Mount Horeb. The boys are both really talented skaters! Then we drove into Madison. I think we were on Park Street but I sometimes lose my sense of direction on that side of town. The wall art was on the side of a little shop that I’ve probably driven by tons of times! AND then we went more downtown. I’ve always wanted to do some shots by this Ideal Body Shop. I’ve had this shot in my head of my step-sister posing next to the “Ideal” neon sign for a long time. I don’t know if I’ve seen it done or if it is my own mastermind, but she’s always busy and not really into the idea as much as I am (but if you’re reading this, Rach, I would still love, love, love to drive around to some of these spots ;o). So even better, we got some family shots next to the “ideal” signs and I think they are pretty cool! Thank you for going with it. Sometimes I get carried away with ideas. Mom brought along the tires and here I was thinking—oooo… i’ll bring my purple and blue tires, really make them pop, but that would not look very body shop-ish…and she was right. I always look back on sessions like these and think… ‘I should have…’ but I know I’ll get to see these guys again this year so I WILL!!!

So excited tomorrow is Friday! Big weekend ahead, but I’m making it a goal to keep posting. Almost to the end of October!!!

Thanks for scoping out my blog. I’m thinking of renaming my biz…. if you have anything creative and I go with it… free session for you! Just shoot me an email or comment on a post!



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