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Beautiful weather Saturday evening. I’m always excited when people trust my instincts about time. Ideally, a start time around 6 for a family/child session is perfect. We catch the perfect light half way through and can go virtually anywhere for pictures. I’m getting off subject.

I arrived in Evansville about 4 pm. Drove around quite a bit–lovely town–and then arrived a bit early to scope things out. I knew we had a big group, so I wanted to allow time to unload chairs and try and get an idea where to work. They were VERY helpful with that. And such a beautiful property. And towards the end, I learned there were 3 USMC gentleman in the group and so we took some fun shots of them as well. So honored to have met the 3 of you. Thank you very much for serving our country. I get a wee bit nosey once in a while and I took some time and looked at pictures on facebook of some of the places they were and it is unreal to me. Quite the “job” you have done for us and I’m so thankful for men and women like you who serve. It makes what I find to be every-day stress seem very unimportant. We are so lucky to live in the US.

It was a nice change of scenery and a very lovable family and perfect weather (AND CUTE KIDS)… so I left a happy camper. Couldn’t wait to get home and look at the images and start editing!

Wishing you all a great week. I’m headed to Madison tonight for a family session that I’m really excited about. Another full weekend of shooting–cannot wait! I hope the weather cooperates!




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