Calynn & Alex | Madison Wedding Photographer


It’s an odd feeling. I met them one night at a café in Madison and on my ride home, I smiled. A lot. These two do that to you. I knew how I was going to finally re-organize and clean my closet and I had the urge to buy them a strainer or measuring cups just for kicks as a gift. I REALLY loved them. They were honest and open–didn’t need to fill out paperwork or have a contract–trusted me to show up and take photos and that was that. It felt good. So often in my line of work, contracts are necessary and things in life can get more complicated than they need to be. Met them as strangers, will always hold a spot in my heart for them as friends. Just wonderful people. I feel so honored that I got to shoot their Madison party. Wish I could have been in Mexico for the real deal—fantastic group of friends and family that followed them there and celebrated with them here. Thank you both SO much for everything. I’ll think of you often and know you’ll be celebrating a fantastic marriage.





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