Allen Centennial Gardens | Madison Family Photographer | 101st blog post

So many things that popped out to me during our session. The biggest of which was this young lady’s name. I don’t use names of children on my site–no particular reason either. But she has my grandmother’s name. And she is only the 2nd person I know with that name–and she reminds me of a photo i’d seen of my grandmother taken when she was so young. brown curles, beautiful eyes. It had me thinking.
It was a dry ride to Allen but as I was poking around the gardens, it started to rain hard. Mom and Dad were so good about it. I always assume the worst with 2 little ones–tired, hungry, bored, just not their day NOT TO MENTION iffy weather–but the girls were so sweet and so kind to one another and in such good moods. I can tell they are best buds. And so cute. SO cute.
It was so nice to meet you 4. I LOVED your outfits and your calm demeanor. Really lovely family. Thank you so much for meeting me at ACG!
This weekend is busy! And I’m excited. Meeting so many new people and so many cool things happening as far as location goes and dyanmics, so it should be exciting. About this time my stomach starts spinning and I get a wee bit nervous, more to meet new people AND feel that good relaxed, free-to-create vibe, but for whatever reason, I’m not having that. Maybe my 101st blog post has taken me over a hump of some sort. Not sure. And next weekend is even busier. I’m so excited for all of my family sessions over the holiday weekend and one very beautiful wedding happening! That all said, blog posts might get a little tricky for me. I try to write something for everyone and put my heart out there a bit, but I can’t make any guarantees the next 9 weeks. I’m focusing on shooting and editing and the blog may take a back seat in terms of my chatter.
Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!
PS–these are not my usual black and whites. I’m happy to alter my black and white if you are specific with the color tone you are looking for!


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