A vintage Wedding | The Century Barn | A Big First For Me

Something is not working right tonight. I have posted this about 10 times and I’m a wee bit overtired, so my story might be shortened.

Bride is the talented owner of Arbor Photographics.

Location: The Century Barn in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

I’ve always looked up to her. Always followed her work. Always a fan. When she asked me about maybe shooting her wedding—I may have actually shouted out loud. “NO WAY” but…as you will see… WAY. I’m honored. And, like I mentioned on the Facebook post, after spending so much time with her, I look up to her all the more. I’ve been looking forward to their big day for a long time. Drew is a very quiet soul, but one I was so happy to be around. I could see in his eyes the love he has for Jolene. And Saturday was just another level of that love! With family surrounding, not a dry eye on that beautiful spot in the woods. Even I was choked up. They all made me feel like part of the family and even though I knew I was there for work, I wanted to hug everyone afterwards just the same.

Thank you, Drew and Jolene, for EVERYTHING! I will never forget 10/1 (a little bit because our anniversary is 10/2)… but just the same…


With love and respect,







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