Ice Caves | Apostle Islands


On Monday morning my husband was worn out. He has been working year-round nonstop. We are both self employed and so when I work, he is home, when he works, I am home and we don’t get a lot of time as the 4 of us. The boys had their backpacks on and we were about out the door for school. Luke said “come here a minute.” and I did. He whispered “do you want to go up north today and see the ice caves?” and from there I emailed teachers (once the boys approved, of course, and we started our long trek to the top of the state. It was awesome. We got there an hour before sunset (luckily) and bolted for the caves. It’s a 1 to 2-mile walk to see anything and the my oldest thought it was so neat that we were walking on a frozen lake. My husband and our youngest headed back to the car early–it was a bit too cold for him.

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