Wisconsin State Capitol Wedding | The University Club | Keith & Leah {Married}

Well. It is Friday night. And…. I’m exhausted. The first part of this post will be talking about the beautiful, stunning, gorgeous bride and her beau above and the 2nd part will interrupt the fun with some reality for clients.

First things first. Leah emailed me earlier this year and I could tell it was going to be a gorgeous wedding. She called me, we talked, but really nothing raised any flags for me. Nice girl, seemed very smart, and knew what she wanted… and hopefully in the photographer category it was me. And it was. She promptly sent her deposit and contract and we started emailing back and forth about the wedding. I think that I have been lucky. I’m an organized person, but appreciate organization on my brides and grooms end a lot more. And there has not been a more organized bride than Leah. I usually redraft all of my bride’s itineraries and lists and send them back a copy to finalize. Not Leah. She had EVERYTHING from addresses to phone numbers to details all laid out in perfect order.

So–some of these pictures are from the rehearsal evening at The Great Dane. Leah and Keith wanted me there for 8 hours (YAY!!!) but had an engagement session done already by a very talented Angela Voell of Green Paint! So, they opted to have me meet them for some fun the night before the wedding. This is the first time I’ve heard the words “classy tarp” put together. I’m still laughing, Leah! We stepped outside, took a few shots, and I enjoyed being around the family and friends who I would see again the next day. Kind of nice to go to a wedding having a bit of idea of who is who. And they all seemed like “good people” so on my walk back to my car that Friday night–I was excited.

Keith and Leah put on a very elegant wedding. They had a lot of things Wisconsin. Their first look was at the Campus Inn, their wedding at the Capitol, rehearsal at The University Club, pictures to follow at the Union, old fashions, Spotted Cows, CHEESE, some of the best bruschetta I’ve ever had. And we were treated so well. Yes, we are just the photographers, just the hired help, but we dined very well and were so respected and it was so very nice. I feel like I am forgetting other fun Wisconsin details here… but you get the idea.

This was my kind of wedding. Seriously. Very classy, very elegant. We both enjoyed it. Even the rain. I say that a lot “even the rain” because I mean it. These few shots we paused for (about 20 minutes total) to take in the rain on the pier may go down as some of my favorites ever. Leah was up for anything and I’m not sure many couples would be.

So, thank you 2 and your families and friends for having us. We thoroughly enjoyed our time. And thank you, Katie. LOVED having you by my side. Kills me you are so talented without trying. I love you to the moon and back.

Now to address the rest. If you are a bride and groom who have contacted me in the past month (and there have been about 20), I cannot say this enough— it is first come, first serve. While I am honored to get such a high volume of requests, I hate to turn people away. Having said that, next year will go a pinch different for me. I don’t see any double/triple wedding weekends happening and my rates will increase a pinch. I encourage you all to go on Facebook. You do not need to like my page to see the work, but it is the most current. My schedule is very tight so it is hard to fit meetings in. That said, I get contracts in the mail before meeting couples, and you may need to rely on my awesome (ha ha) blog personality in order to reserve your date. Happy to meet with you when things slow down, but I cannot gaurantee or hold your date. I’m just that swamped. Family sessions will ultimately increase as well. I need to focus on things differently next year. I’ve learned a lot this year. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s feedback, business, “likes,” etc.

Did you really read that. If anyone has, I’m guessing it was Katie, Colleen, and Terri 🙂 Sometimes I think those 3 are the only constant followers! I’m not even sure I WOULD read this biggy. But I appreciate your time if you have!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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