Verona Senior Photographer | Sami is a Senior

Meet Sami. She’s going to be a senior! My first official senior pictures are these. I usually try and refer seniors away. The thought of shooting one person was a bit scary. Showing emotion by yourself-if you think about it-is difficult. With weddings and engagements and family–there is a relationship to SHOW and emotions they naturally produce and it’s a bit easier. But this was fun. Sami is super sweet and easy going and had some awesome outfits. and most importantly… when the clouds grew darker and darker and darker and I said “lets throw everything in the car so we are ready to run when it rains and change your outfit quick” she said “OKAY!” and that is how we got a few of my favorite pictures of the set… and ALSO how we had to come to reschedule. 🙂 It downpoured as we were running to the car!

Want to thank Sami and her mom and sister for helping me carry things and making Sami laugh so sweetly. Wanted to turn around several times to see what Mom was doing to make her giggle but was afraid to ruin the flow! I have a few more senior sessions on the books this fall that I’m excited for.

Hope you all are having a great week. Have a big wedding this weekend that I am so excited for. We are headed to the capitol for that one! Should make for a beautiful backdrop! I’m hoping to post tomorrow too–so keep watchin!




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