Vegas, Dear

So… we went to Vegas. It’s something we had talked and talked and talked about for a long time, the 4 of us. And it finally happened. While I found myself not nearly as exciting as I had hoped… hopefully we can do a repeat some day soon! Katie and I have been friends for a long time. I have pictures of us together in kindergarten and we may have had a few years here and there where we weren’t in close touch, but we never miss a beat when we pick up again. I’m so happy to have them in our lives. We had such a good time!

Andy is so sweet to his girls. Always calling them “dear” and other cutesy things… so I couldn’t resist. I attempted to keep track of all the funny things he said on the trip–but I lost track. Cheeks always hurting is a good sign, though. My eyes are still red from lack of sleep–well worth it!

Even the ash trays had glitter…

Not the most flattering composition, Andy, but I love this shot he took of the 4 of us. Fremont Street was really neat to see!


The next shot is for my sister. The last time we were in NYC, our list included Statue of Liberty… but we were there for the hurricane 🙁  And yes, Katie, I brought you back a little more from the SOL!

 Next 2 images are from our dinner at Bellagio. Without going into too much detail… Mike Tyson sat near our table. Wanted to get a picture of he and I together (I went up to shake his hand and meet him) but his friend wouldn’t take the picture and my “friends” didn’t know what I meant when I said “come with me and take a picture”… so I just asked if I could take one of him to prove I had met him. I wish I would have had something other than my cell phone! After dinner we saw Mystere–awesome!

And last, but not least, our road trip to Grand Canyon. My husband never drives when we are together…. he is a reader. So, it was a treat just the simple fact that he drove 5 of the 8 hours. I drove the last 3 when he started getting tired. I could shoot out the window (sorry-that’s what most of these are) and chat his ears off the whole time. Grand Canyon was breathtaking, miraculous, beautiful–but the time spent with Luke on the road was so meaningful to me too.

I’m deathly afraid of heights. It took me a solid 45 minutes to get close to the “edge” (railing) and even then, it was just for the one picture because my palms were soaking and my knees were shaking. Then I headed up to the parking lot (still scary) and shot from there! We ended up at a restaurant right by the canyon… sat by the enormous fireplace and ate mouthwatering steaks! It was heavenly–even the drive home. Dropped the car off at the airport and flew home! I’m still exhausted but still a little floating from the fun times we had. Hopefully we can make it a tradition…. Katie, Chunks, Luke, and I!


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