Three Bears Lodge | Tomah Wedding Photographer | Matt & Tessa {Married}

The last 2 weekends I’ve been a 2nd shooter. I 2nd shot one wedding last year and loved it. Both of the main photographers have allowed me “creative freedom” and so I can really shoot however I’d like and do not have the pressure of capturing anything I don’t see that moves me. It’s fantastic. I do love editing, though, and so it is hard for me NOT to edit. Luckily they both have allowed me to do just that AND share and I’m so appreciative.

This wedding was shot with Rebecca at Studio Noveau. Rebecca and I only live an hour away from each other but met in Memphis in 2011. This year is the first time we collaborated and it was lovely. Matt and Tessa are 2 very photogenic and in love people. Very sweet to one another and happy and, lucky me, have great taste. The wedding was near Tomah and you can scope out Rebecca’s blog for details on all the vendors. The only detail I remember as far as locations go was that it was held at Three Bears Lodge–neat place. I didn’t know it existed and I can see a family trip up there some day–beautiful country. My husband would say “God’s country.” 🙂

I can’t say enough great things about the family and friends that day. Riding on a bus full of young couples in love and having champagne is funny. I feel young and at one time was in their shoes… singing to my favorite Journey song, but on the ride home realized I am probably a solid 5-10 years older than some of them. I hope no one noticed me smiling and quietly singing along with them on the bus and at the reception. Such a fun group of people.

I’m not sure Matt or Tessa will ever see this blog… but if by chance you do, thank you so much for having me. It was a gorgeous day, beautiful wedding, lovely people. I could not have picked anything better myself. Especially the cottage. My heart leapt when we arrived… so personal and so much character. Best wishes to you both!


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