The Century Barn | Whitney & Brett

I don’t know where to start. Whitney is someone I met just this year. She manages The Century Barn where I’ve shot a few weddings and now a few family sessions. I emailed her last fall curious to see if they’d open the barn up for some winter sessions for families not wanting to be in the snow but still outdoors–and enjoyed her personality right away. She is so sweet and was so willing to help me… with whatever I needed (props and smiles are 2 that stick out). She has her own photography business ( and we have chatted lenses and antiques and it has been nice to get along so well with someone I work with. When I asked if I could rent the barn for mini sessions, she mentioned that she and Brett might be interested in a few photos too—and I was excited!!! She brought cameras that Brett has bought her and their adorable Leelah (still can’t get over how much I love that name) and we just sort of “hung out” and shot. For whatever reason, probably because I was exhausted, I wasn’t nervous or anxious and it seemed very relaxed to me. When we were done, they helped me load up the ridiculous amount of “stuff” I brought and we talked for a while. Two very sweet people who have been together for a long time and are a very sweet pair. I was impressed by Brett’s woodworking skills (and was secretly hoping he’d say he sold what he made–no luck) but then found out he spent time in Afghanistan as a Marine. And then I heard about this site and thought I would share that too. I’m always so impressed with military and so thankful for their service. And kind of glad I didn’t know that beforehand or I would have probably been a bit nervous. I’m not that brave. So thank you, Brett, for your service. I’m going to keep an eye on the website and follow how it goes.

I hope you 2 enjoy these. I am so happy to have ended my day with the 3 of you 😉 Thanks for patiently waiting on these… I’m so sorry it took so long.

EVERYONE ELSE—The Century Barn is available for rent for any type of session. Good to keep in mind for the colder months—love this place!

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