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I can only hope I make it back to Salvage One again for a wedding. It was an awesome venue!

So—this post is a bit upside down. I’m struggling with getting back into the swing of things but found 24 hours where I had nothing to edit and thought I would attempt some of these. Here’s why… I belong to a group of Wisco photogs and every once in a while people need a 2nd shooter. I’ve been so busy this year with my own work that I haven’t gotten much time to do that, but next year I’m making time. And this wedding is why. When Shanna at S. Photography (check out her stuff–awesome) posted that she was shooting at Salvage One in Chicago and could use a 2nd shooter–I jumped at the inquiry. I have always felt like Chicago is my 2nd home. Have I ever lived there, no. But I love it. I have shot a few other fun times there and am usually overwhelmed but knowing about Salvage One made this all the more anticipated. Got myself a “suite” 8 blocks away and drove down. I have a few favorite restaurants there, so I left early and thought I’d enjoy lunch by myself. Lost my parking ticket and ended up paying $50 for 1 hour of parking (Theresa is gasping right now) but still enjoyed my meal. Went back to the hotel, got situated and grabbed a cab (that sounds wrong) to S1. Got there, met Shanna for the first time, felt nervous, felt in Heaven, and 2nd shot the wedding. This was in August. Looking back at these images, I feel like I’ve grown so much since then and am really wishing I had my new gear with me for this, but still absolutely loved Tim and Greta–loved the guests (2 of whom I met at a wedding of my own earlier this year)–loved everything. It was wonderful. Took my time getting back to the hotel, took myself out for a late dinner downtown and hit the hay. Got up and shot another wedding on my way home 🙂 It was a wild weekend. Actually shot 3 weddings within that week. But I’ve learned and things will change next year. Regardless, I cannot thank Shanna enough for treating me so well, allowing me to post these, being so enjoyable and calm and collected for the whole thing, and dealing with my nerves.  It was dreamy. Enjoy the shots. And thank you all for a wonderful year. I have 6 more family sessions to go until 2013 and am excited for those as well. Life is so short—i’m not trying to sell photography in any way, but I took a bunch of pictures of my children tonight and hugged them in between. So thankful for all that I have and all of you.

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