Ryan & Colleen {Married}

My Ryleen. I loved them before I met them. Friends with their older siblings in high school and thought the world of Katie, Pat, and Quinn. And finally meeting the rest of their families … I felt no different. Wonderful, caring, sweet people. I’m always giddy when a groom says “pictures weren’t that bad” or that he actually enjoyed them, and Ryan and Colleen made things so easy. Someone asked Colleen when we were together “did you 2 know eachother before this?” and we both replied “no” and the lady said, “Oh… seems like you are friends” and I thought… ‘well… we ARE’ because I really really enjoyed getting to know them. I think there are so many wonderful years ahead and I’m so excited to see their future unfold.

Ryan and Colleen got married on a Wednesday afternoon. Kind of romantic if you stop and think about it. When I got the news the dress was going on at Marah’s and I could take pictures–I was thrilled. Marah’s is that cute little botique on Main Street that I’ve always walked by and drooled at dresses through the window. And when you see the inside–it’s all the more dreamy–very chic–and so perfect for getting ready shots! The church. I grew up at the farm right below this church. I used to walk up the hill behind our house to go every Sunday and I was so tempted to run down into the basement to see my old catechism “stomping grounds.” Only family were present and it was a very intimate ceremony. AND a gorgeous day–they got lucky I think. The very next day the cool air settled in and we had already taken so many good shots Wednesday night–for that I am thankful. Saturday I arrived at the ranch and everyone was working very hard to prep for the party (congrads, family—you did a wonderful job–everything was gorgeous) and I could tell that even the cool air was not going to slow things down. They did such a great job decorating–I was impressed. I KNEW there would be mason jars…but the rest was a surprise and I found myself excited to take detail shots!

I feel as if I’m rambling on and perhaps I should just get to the pictures… congratulations, you 2. It is with all my heart that I say nothing but the best for your future. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the time we spent together!

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