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Well, I think this beautiful mom found a perfect location. We went back and forth for a while but when she brought up the Overture Center in Madison and we found out it was rent-able, everything moved quickly from there. A few photos down you’ll see the most perfect snowflake I have ever seen. And it fell on a very beautiful little girl. Who is about to become a big sister–and she’s very prepared. The lucky little lady about to enter this wonderful world will have a very caring older sister who loves her already and I’m so excited for these 4! It was my 2nd time seeing them and it was wonderful. I’m kindof a “grandma” when it comes to driving in snow, so I himmed and hawed all darn morning about getting there to do these. The more I talked with the very helpful Taralinda at the Overature Center, the more I grew excited for the potential surroundings… and they didn’t fail us–it was gorgeous. Beautiful light, wide open spaces, happy people. It was awesome! So nice to get out and shoot again–this fills my creative need–I’ll have a weekend full of editing and I love it!

I’ll be thinking of you guys in the month-and-a-half to come and excited to hopefully hear the news of name… unless you go with “S’s” advice 🙂

I’ll email you when they are in the mail! THANK YOU!



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