New Year’s Eve Vow Renewal | Cherry Blossom Events

Someone had asked me to 2nd shoot a wedding a Lambeau Field on New Year’s Eve. I turned it down. I find myself needing a bit of a rest and downtime to recharge myself. And the thought of Lambeau was exciting–but I needed to stay home and be with family. And then an email came in from Sarah. I’d had communication with her in the past via email but we’d never met. She is part owner of Cherry Blossom Events and I’ve had the pleasure of shooting for their clients in the past but we never met. As a side note, I’m completely impressed with their staff and how they run things and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for wedding planning or any event for that matter. Back to Sarah and Joe. I arrived on New Year’s Eve–the roads were fairly ick… but I was thrilled with the snowfall. Just beautiful. The whole idea of it was so romantic–candle-lit vow renewal with their daughters by their side… and it was a surprise for Joe! Very exciting. After they renewed their love for one another, we took a few family photos and a few outside too. Got to see a window in the church with Joe’s grandfather’s name on it–and really really really enjoyed meeting them both. We are friends on facebook that doesn’t hold a candle to meeting someone in person. Sarah is lovely and sweet and Joe was geuine and very kind to his girls. I found myself enjoying even chatting briefly with the priest. Thank you you so much, Sarah, for letting me into this little glimpse of your life. I’m always excited to meet new people who are kind and happy and I just know good things are coming your way in 2014… probably any day now 🙂 My best!


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