New Glarus Family Photographer | Beautiful Blue Eyes | Happy Mother’s Day!

Aren’t they cute? Such a sweet big brother (you will see). Sweet FAMILY, actually. Always nice to end a weekend on a good note, and for me, this was a really good time. Wait until you see these blue eyes a little closer, too. WOW.

I’m always really excited to go somewhere I’ve never shot before. “Mom” suggested their neighbor’s place, and it was GORGEOUS (thank you, neighbors). Had a really nice time with this group. We strolled around and caught happy moments as they happened. Very relaxing, very nice way for me to shoot. As I said on Facebook, I’m not one to initiate a hug, but I always leave feeling as if I’ve known the people I shoot for a long time and it feels a bit strange to walk away and just send a disk when we are done–but that is the case. So, when Mom reached out for a hug, I was so appreciative. I’m really very lucky to spend time with some of the nicest people… it never feels like work.

I hope you all have a wonderful mother’s day, relaxed and pampered. My mom is headed to the Brewer’s game (she’s a fan-atic), so I’m spending the day with my boys doing some planting and relaxing (and hopefully napping)!
















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