My Dad

Lately I’ve favored “lifestyle” photography. I don’t want to call it photojournalism because the things I’m taking photos of, life, are all planned. Not that my family loves that I carry a camera in my hands 80% of the time, but I think these are worth it.

I have a client in May who was open to my nautical idea–so I needed a boat. My dad is the most skilled carpenter I can think of. He’s very detailed oriented, very organized. So instead of ordering one online, I asked him to help me with a project. My son and I spend our days in the winter a little lonely without my oldest around… and he loves visiting Grampa. So, we set out to build a boat. I have never lived at the house where my dad lives now, but it feels like home to me. Even his shed. Just so full of everything that makes me think of Dad. Deer antlers hold shelves and hang stained glass that i’ve made. Old medicine bottles house screws and nails. A photo of my favorite home we ever lived at–my dad had built an amazing swing that entailed me going to the shed, getting the moped up and running, riding back into the land, climbing an enormous hill, putting my cassette tape on repeat to Alan Jackson’s “She’s got the rhythm,” and hopping up on that huge swing that was propped up on a rock that overlooked the valley.

And first things first, we have to rub Benny’s head (he think’s he’s donating hair to Grampa).

And now I have a beautiful boat. With cherry finish. And I’m hesitant to even take it out on location because now it has so much meaning to me. It’s beautiful. And I won’t soon forget making it (really I didn’t do much of anything). And now my 2-year-old will remember it as well and I can’t wait for him to look back on these photos some day.

I’m a very lucky girl. My sister and I grew up with the best dad there is. I’m not sure I knew it at the time or appreciated it when I was burning my way up an ice-covered driveway, but I do now. What he did for us (taught us) and who he is now … brings tears to my eyes. If you ever stumble upon this dad, I love you. Thank you for being amazing to Katie and I and the boys. We are the luckiest.

For anyone else who decided to read–apologize for the personal post. I don’t usually put my life on here in photos or as much words. I take SO many photographs every day of my life, but decided since this was somewhat related to my photographs (boat), I would.


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