Mount Horeb Wedding Photographer | Branden & Whitney {Married}

What 50 degrees does for a person. The last time I met them, it was cold.  I want to say 10 degrees, but if felt like -10. Today was different. After you spend so much time with someone, so closely involved in their day, you feel like friends. Okay, that’s not always how it goes, if I’m honest, but Katie and I felt so welcome and enjoyed the day very much. Whitney is from Mount Horeb, where I went to school. Branden is from Barneveld, where my sister and 4 step-siblings went/go to school. I feel like their wedding was full of familiar faces. And that’s a good place to start. The weather was a bit cooler, but it made no difference to these 2. Rain or shine, we had a plan and I think they would have been happy and in love in both.

Kind of neat to see such a happy couple and happy friends and good time happen around you. I have some good weddings and some awesome weddings. Today was awesome. Beautiful wedding, too. Awesome hair and makeup, awesome decorations, awesome food… you get my drift.

And I’m home earlier than normal because it was so close to my home. I love that.

I will wrap this up. My eyes are so tired, I can no longer see straight. Branden and Whitney, thank you. If anyone were to stop and say… do you know the Maugers? I would let them know you two are truly amazing in my eyes. You’re surrounded by wonderful loved ones and I know you have many, many happy years ahead. You made us feel so welcome and took such good care of us… it was such an honor. Really, it was.

Special thanks to Katie, my sister, for 2nd shooting. Always awesome to be near her. Also want to say Rachel and Maggie at Top Shelf Weddings & Events did an amazing job.

Enjoy happily ever after 🙂


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