Mount Horeb Family Photographer | An Old Friend Home

I won’t say much about this one. Eve is a high school classmate of mine. One of those girls that I remember throughout our entire time in school together–from the younger years on up to graduation. The details are fuzzy and I know we weren’t best friends but I still feel connected to her. We spent so much time together in sports and off and on as friends (and is so common with girls) in high school. She always always cracked me up and always had such a good spin on life. So good to see her family again and sit on the front porch that I had been on so many times before. I’m not sure I could ever tire of talking to her and hearing of her life adventures. She is off teaching in Mexico as I type this and I think of her often. Hope you are well and staying safe, dear. Really was excellent to see you and “the Clampetts,” and thanks for pushing the session later. I love love love the light in this shot 🙂 I’m so sorry I missed meeting Molly. BIG HUGS!

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