Monona Terrace Wedding Photographer | Kristie & Kyle {Engaged}

This week has been C.R.A.Z.Y. busy. And to top it off, my computer went a little crazy too 🙂 But I think I am finally up and running and back to normal (as normal as I get) and I am excited to post these pictures from Kyle and Kristie’s engagement session. Kyle proposed on top of the terrace and that is where I met them for the first time! Always pretty up there, hard to go wrong. I was thinking in advance of how I could incorporate some of the terrace’s cool curves and also get some solid “THIS IS WHERE WE GOT ENGAGED” pictures marking the territory a bit. I take a lot of photos in an e session and so I feel a little more free taking the time to do some not so typical “grandma” shots. Sometimes, though, I’ve been REMINDED to get some of those too 🙂 I get carried away–my mind gets a little ahead of the moment sometimes.

So I emailed Kristie quite a bit before the session and learned that whenever they have plans, the chances are high that it will rain. Thought it would be fun to use something “rain gear-esque” and we did. Went great with her awesome red dress. Walked up towards the capitol. Wanted to get into The Old Fashioned, but understandably, they were too busy for that sort of thing. Then we headed to Kyle’s uncle’s place. I got to see some adorable baby pheasant and was pleasantly surprised at the awesome buildings and prairie! I’ll admit, I was a pinch overwhelmed. Wasn’t sure where to start first. I’m always afraid I’ll forget an idea. I’m looking around thinking we could do this there and over here, but I have to also keep a timeline and watch the sun/clouds, etc., but hopefully I didn’t seem crazy to them at the time.

Two very easy going people and I am so excited for their wedding. I grew up going to 2 churches and ironically I have a wedding in each this year and next. They are getting married in one of those and it is a gorgeous building with a lot of awesome light and I’m so excited… reception hall isn’t too bad either!!!!

Thanks so much, you 2, for asking me to shoot these and your wedding. I really look forward to it. When I think of you, I think “quiet, calm, happy.” Not much more I could ask for!

Hope you all are enjoying your week. My posts are zig zagging a bit, but I’m going to make an attempt to get everything up this week. A little tricky to be indoors at the computer in this gorgeous weather, but if you know me… I can’t rest until I’m done 🙂





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