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Had some drive time into this session–and I didn’t mind it one bit. Wish it would not have been as cold as it was, but nothings ever perfect Maybe these 2 are. Stylish, happy (even when the wind makes us all teary eyed), and in love… so it was ALMOST perfect. Give me downtown MKE and 75 degrees and these 2… we might have something. Regardless… during my long drives I had time to think abou…t our one phone conversation and emails back and forth leading up to today. I had mentioned that I’m up for a change of scenery and she had mentioned some of the places I’d been hoping to shoot at. What we failed to discuss was weather. Usually weather is on the top of my list and I think I was so excited to get there and see these spots that I didn’t think twice about it. How considerate are these 2 that they didn’t want to mess with my schedule and reschedule? very. I appreciate that. I appreciate you both never complaining even when your fingers were turning red and blue. I appreciate your willingness to show me around. And I appreciate that lemonade. At first I thought… I should get started driving home. And then we started to talk over beers and lemonade and I realized I really enjoy the both of them and that I’m looking forward to their wedding so much!!!! So thank you both for being such good sports, showing me around to some fantastic spots, and the lemonade could not have asked for a more perfect (sans chilly air) afternoon.

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