Middleton Family Photographer | 74 pounds and 2 years.

There we go. back on track. horizontal and color. sweet.

So–I’ve known these guys for 10+ years. Dad gratudated HS with my husband. Haven’t seen them since October and OH HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED. Mom has lost 74 pounds in a year or so and the little man looks so much different, now 2 years old, than the last time I saw him. Such a cute little personality too. They remind me of my boys–a calmer version I suppose. In fact, I was so excited about these pictures, the very next night I took my boys to the park and attempted a repeat of these. We were going to head to a lake, but the sunflowers are in bloom, so Dad found us a pier on Allen Blvd and it worked just as nice.

Hugs, guys–i’m almost done editing them 🙂



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