Memorial Union | Beautiful Sunday Morning | Cousins

Cousins. And I LOVED their coordinating colors! I am so impressed the distance each of them traveled for pictures. All 4 were so cooperative and I really enjoyed it. Always entertaining (and relieving) to see another 2 year old who has better things to do than sit and have their picture taken.  And I was also impressed by how nicely the oldest did. I’m sure it wasn’t his favorite place to be either! I had so much fun and I want to thank parents for all the help with shade and coming early! Nice to have the Union to ourselves and beat the heat and harsher sun! Hope you all enjoyed swimming afterwards!!! Lovely to meet you 4 and see you 4 again! Thank you! I hope you enjoy the last 2 outtakes 🙂

Sorry to be brief. I have so many pictures to post/share that these will get shorter and shorter so I can keep on editing!!!

Happy Tuesday!



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