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The first wedding of 2012 was so special for me. I probably met the bride when she was still in diapers and did not know it 🙂 I am friends with and graduated with her older sister and I was honored she asked me to photograph their big day. I want to thank Terri and Luke for being such a wonderful resource for me. If I had questions, they answered them. They were up for anything when it came to engagement session, invite design, fitting some significant time with us into their wedding timeline and finding a wonderful location as well…. and on and on. They are 2 very sweet souls who are so wonderful for eachother. It was such a pleasure to be such a huge part of their wedding. And their families were just as wonderful. And the cakes were wonderful too! and the… I’ll stop!

Special thanks to my cousin, Alisa, who 2nd shot with me on this wedding. She is so talented and creative and it is always nice to have some company. Without her some of these shots would not have been possible. We have taken some lighting courses together and it is so nice to have someone there who understands what I’m talking about! I was thrilled when Luke and Terri decided to add her onto their wedding package.

I hope you 2 are enjoying a wonderful marriage so far and many more years ahead! Thank you again! Beautiful day, beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and groom.











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