Not sure why–but I have a thing for reflections. I set mom and dad up in this shot but didn’t notice the waitress until I was editing and, of course, I was thrilled. I don’t know that this is anything a client would do something with–but I LOVE this shot. Anything but typical.

Met these 3 on Willy Street at the bike shop. Mom and dad have done Iron Man more than once (so impressive!!!), so I rented one of those cute red bikes for the beginning of their session. $5 isn’t bad… I can see myself going back and renting one to actually RIDE someday soon… what a great idea!

Back to the family. Very easy going, happy-go-lucky, up for anything, relaxed, you name it–it was great. We strolled along, talked gardening, met the founder of JUMP as she was out walking her dog, the cost of prom dresses these days—it hardly felt like work. I enjoyed it so much. We even braved (!!) a few sprinkles and all the while this little blonde-haired beauty (isn’t he the sweetest???) was such a happy little guy. Should have talked parenting–they clearly have it figured out! and wardrobe–I LOVED their outfits!

So nice to meet you 3… and THANK YOU, Kira, for the referral. Always appreciate them!

TWO more family sessions (maybe 3) to post before the wedding this weekend… and then 3 more sessions after that! It is getting really busy. If you had planned on signing up for a session this summer or fall, June is booked and July through October are almost booked as well. Hate to apply pressure, but I hate turning folks away even more.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening!



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