Madison Family Photographer | 4 cute cute cute girls!

Actually 5. Mom counts too 🙂 What a good looking group of ladies 🙂 Had so much fun with these 6 downtown. Breezy, arm evening and we just walked around my favorite spots by Monona Terrace and shot as things came. Stopped at 2 of my favorite spots and found another along the way. Ended up down at the lake and it was a nice, calm night! I know Mom from high school and I’m sure somehow we are related 😉 Always fun to see people I didn’t really know that well in high school. I still feel some sort of odd connection. We had 80 kids in our class and so when I see someone from another class, I still feel like I knew them! I’ve run into Mom and Dad at swimming lessons and the grocery store since, though, and it’s always nice to chat.

Hope you are having an enjoyable week 🙂 Can’t believe it is Thursday already! Where is time going? Having a rough start to kindergarten and it has been a source of much concern for me. Editing photos is a little therapeutic, so I’m all the more appreciative of this “job.”  I’m about to open some windows and make hot cocoa! Bring on autumn! I’m in love with this weather 🙂


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