Madison Baby Photographer | I think she will have dimples.

I don’t usually photograph babies, and if you follow my facebook posts, this is all a repeat. I will just say that posing babies make me nervous. I really like those images where they are propped up cutely and asleep. I’ve watched endless video and sat through a how-to class but the idea of it still scares me. Too fragile and sweet and, even though adorable, it’s just not natural. I think my direction in photography has become more natural and emotional and less of the props and that sort of thing. Regardless, we gave it a shot with mom and dad’s help and I was dripping sweat by the time it was over. I don’t think I will attempt it ever again. (But I know a few great local photographers who do wonders at it and will gladly refer you their way if you shoot me an email).

All that said, I LOVE being around babies and I’ve always wanted a daughter and so it was just so much fun to be around a baby again. She is obviously outrageously adorable and was such a sweet pea the entire time. I really really loved my 2 hours with her and mom and dad.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This coming weekend officially starts my busy 2012. I am amazed at how quickly the calendar went from blank to nearly full. Very exciting! I’m going to try to stay current with my posts… so starting this weekend, check regularly!


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