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I had so many witty titles for this post. Haven’t posted in a while. Mainly because I don’t know where to begin. But these pictures deserve a story. I’m actually going to share with you the letter I would normally be putting in with the disks of their pictures because you will probably all get a chuckle out of this.

Hey Branden and Whitney-

So–wanted to thank you for braving the temperature (28… I checked the moment I got in the car). I’ve slowed way down due to that temperature and the snow on the ground. So, when I get a session, I now have time to do some scoping out, research, really thinking about what I want to try different, push the envelope, break new photographic ground. So, I thought I’d tell you first that had it not been for my husband’s bronchitis (he can be a bit of a big baby sometimes) and my bad back, I (you and me, Branden) wanted to carry my vintage loveseat to the middle of the field at Brigham Park so you 2 could cuddle up in the middle of a snowy field and be oh-so romantic. Can you imagine how crazy you may have thought I was then. AND… I didn’t want you to have a snowball fight. It’s sooooo 2012… (ha). But what I really wanted was the 2 of you laying in the snow next to one another. I knew Whitney’s long dark hair would have looked gorgeous in the snow. When I knew the answer to touching snow with your hands (snowballs) was a “no”…. I knew you’d REALLY think I was nuts to say “hey… wanna lay in the snow?” And you’re in construction. My husband is a plumber. And I know on the weekends and nights he just wants to thaw out…so i’m sorry if I rambled on. The truth is, I haven’t shot outside for a solid week and I was just excited to be out in the snow. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is into having cold and wet feet/legs. Regardless, I just thought you 2 would find humor (now that you can feel your feet again) in my wild and crazy hopes for today’s session. Couch in field, lay in snow, bundle in quilt, kiss her cheeks, I could go on.  And to my relief, what we did shoot, I’m really happy with. Hope you like them too 🙂

Keep me posted on those details!!!!

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