Legends of Brandybrook | Waukesha Wedding Photographer | Willie & Jenny {Married}

I really do love these 2. From the first time I met them at their engagement session… until now… I’ve enjoyed all our correspondence. Willie never stops smiling. It’s infectious. Jenny’s eyes are so endearing and caring. She has a way of including you and making you feel like a special part of her wedding day–and it’s something I’ve yet to come by. They are sincere. They are in love. They are… happy. Makes for an easy day for me. Well… the humidity could have been a bit less Great group of family and friends too. Just an all around beautiful day.
So often I deal with the bride for the most part. One day, I got a friend request from a name I didn’t recognize. It turned out to be Willie. And Jenny followed soon after. And I’ve gotten to become a bit more familiar with their lives because of it. Sometimes I have a hard time drawing the line between business and friends. Often times I gain friends from this business… and I’m so happy to call these 2 friends. They are genuine, good people. I wish they lived closer. They are the type of people I’d love to be around.
Back to the wedding day. Gorgeous church in Waukesha. Lovely ceremony. So funny to hear Father mention making sure they come to mass when they are home–really did enjoy his sense of humor! Afterwards we headed to the woods and everyone did so well despite the temps and gnats! After we let the wedding party get back on the bus, we spent some time with just the 2 of them. The best photos happened when I took some time to chat with Emily and just left Willie and Jenny alone a bit–they seemed to do cute all on their own–and that was wonderful! Reception was at the beautiful Legends of Brandybrook—what a stunning venue. And the rest of the evening went wonderfully!
I drove away with a smile on my face. 15 minutes down the road I saw the first of 9 towns on my drive home celebrating Independence Day with fireworks–what a perfect evening!
Congratulations you 2… I’m so happy for you both. Thanks for having me be a part of your wedding. It was perfect.

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